Crafting natural wood stairs to your design with
full installation services

For more than 10 years, our company has been manufacturing steps from natural wood in several countries.
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What is covered in the manufacturing and installation of "turnkey" stairs.
  • specialist's visit
  • project
  • material
  • manufacturing
  • varnishing
  • delivery and installation
Why do more than 95% of our clients feel confident in recommending us to their friends?
  • We perform free site visits, design selection, measurements, and cost assessment. You simply need to coordinate the timing with us.
  • After installation, the stairs are free from any foreign odors. Health-safe coverings for even the little ones.
  • We assist you in selecting the suitable type of wood for the stairs and handrails on-site.
  • When ordering stairs, you receive a discount on other products made of natural wood.
Today, the most popular design is illuminated steps.
It turns on when there is movement nearby or is constantly on. everything according to your desire.
Our Clients Love Us
We work hard every day to make our customers' lives better and happier
Director of
"Royal Stairs" Company
George Paladiy
I, George Paladiy, the director of "Royal Stairs" company, together with our team, have been working for over 10 years to make your homes cozy.

To ensure your healthy sleep on a bed made of natural wood.
To adorn your home and add harmony and coziness to your design with our stairs.

To ensure your decorative table complements your unique office design.
And most importantly, to ensure it is safe for your precious health.
That's why we offer personalized design and unmatched beauty for your home with love and respect for every client.

We only employ natural and appropriately seasoned wood varieties.

So you can rest assured that your little ones can crawl and take their first steps on the stairs without any worries.
How does cooperation happen ?
We will do our best to make your interaction with us as productive and comfortable as possible.
  • First step
    Submit your application easily through our website.
  • Step two
    Our manager calls you back, clarifies all the details on your project and arranges with you a specific place and time to meet with our specialist.
  • Step three
    Our specialist comes to your site, makes free measurements, estimates the cost and timing of the work.
  • Step four
    After approving the terms, price and scope of work, at the agreed time, our team will leave to perform the agreed work in a clearly specified time.
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